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You can hardly help but fall in love with the place, but by the end of a long day, India will eat you and spit you out. You'll be wiped. There's no better way to detox, calm down, chill out and recover from a case of sensory overload than a trip to the local beauty salon for a humble head massage.
Shoulder season really is the best time to visit Australia and New Zealand because not only are the airfare and package prices lower, but spring, late summer and early autumn are sensational climate-wise.
George Hobica and team have rounded up the best fares including routes to London, Cancun, Sydney, Auckland and South Africa -- plus a fall sale from United.
Brazil has so much more to offer than the beaches and hills of Rio. There are the beating drumbeats and dance steps of Salvador de Bahia, the haute couture and high-paced energy of Sao Paulo, and the wilds of the Amazon and inland Brazilian jungle.
Our favorite destinations include a little fun in the desert sun, a snow-blanketed city rich in history, the solitude of beaches sans all those cooler-toting day-trippers, the flashing neon of that nonstop party we call Vegas, and a wild-and-wonderful safari.
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From Joematt: "I am planning to head for Fiji. Someone told me to stay in Nadi and get day trips to all the islands. Is that true? Places I like are Mamanuca, Yasawa Islands, Vanua Levu Islands,Viti Levu Islands & Taveuni."
From cocopud: "I will be in PR for 3 nights in October. I have been trying to figure out where to stay. My boyfriend was told that San Juan is very congested (traffic) and not to stay there. I was thinking of staying in old town the first day we get there and check out the fort and shops, then then next day going to el Yunque."
From rchalup: "My husband and I are leaving for D.C. in a couple of days, which means it's packing time very soon! Just wondering if 'casual' dress is acceptable when touring national institutions."
From kyotodeb: "We may be going to Switzerland in April to visit our son who will be going to school in Vitznau. We are trying to decide if it's practical to stay in Vitznau and travel from there, or stay in Luzern."
From hownat: "I questioned the embassy of Chile via e-mail re: the departure tax. I understood that if one enters Chile by ship there is no tax but if one exits by plane then there is a departure tax. The answer I received from a Toro Sergio is as follows:"

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