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Flights into (and out of) Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Florida, Denver and more are all on sale this week. Fares are based on availability, so don't dawdle.
One of country's greatest benefits is that fewer tourists visit, prices are generally lower and with less exposure to western influences, you end up with a more culturally authentic Southern American experience.
With downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood less than an hour drive, Malibu can either be a stand-alone vacation spot or a place to stay slightly off the beaten path from central Los Angeles -- without breaking the bank.
The sunsets over the Grand Canyon are just as awe-inspiring in the fall. The aerial views just as wide and expansive. The tourists mouths just as agape. One of the few things that change is the price of travel, which decreases.
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From CortezTraveler: "My husband and I are staying in Belgium for 4 nights in the spring of 2006. My husband enjoys brewery tours. Any suggestions? I've looked up Stella and Chimay, but I could't figure out how to get there. Is anyone familiar with the areas? Do we need to rent a car or can we travel by train?"
From jmartin: "My daughter and I just returned from a 10 day trip on our own to Buenos Aires. We had a great time and are looking forward to our next visit. However, we wanted to warn fellow travelers about the counterfeit money situation. Be aware that if you receive any bills above a $5 bill you ought to check out their authenticity. There are 3 simple things to check for on the bills."
From Niana101883: "Hi, I just randomly bought two tickets for my best friend (for her birthday gift) and me to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Does anyone know of any cheap and/or nice hostels there? Any help is greatly appreciated."
From luchman: "I will be traveling to Maui for our honeymoon in November, and I would like to ask for ideas and advice on some great beach bungalows. I am not into the big resorts but am looking for a private beach locale for a couple of weeks."
From c_marshik: "Since I used these discussion boards so frequently to plan my honeymoon, I feel obligated to leave a recap."

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