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Traditionally, safety-at-sea issues have included icebergs, hurricanes, fire, gastrointestinal bugs (like those widely reported on a handful of ships in fall of 2002), and petty theft. But in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the threat of terrorism immediately assumed a high place on that list, though it did so with only a fraction of the media attention paid to airport security. News stories or no, the cruise lines, port authorities, and the U.S. Coast Guard have been tackling the issue and have implemented several new security measures designed to keep cruisers safe and worry-free.
The key to low Amtrak fares is knowing the codes. The national railroad has various semi-secret discount codes which give riders from 5 to 20 percent off trains booked online at www.amtrak.com. We last wrote about these codes in July, and since then there's been a new one, so we thought we'd sum them up for you.
Flying up front doesn't have to mean blowing your budget. Back in July, we wrote about how to get into business class on most airlines. But three airlines have even better offers, with business-class quality on domestic flights at coach-class prices. Spirit, AirTran and America West all have great deals for budget travelers who want to do some business in the air or who just find regular coach-class seats too cramped.
I've walked the plank to get into Dracula's Castle in Romania, and I lived in London for eight years, and I'm not sure which is scarier. We've dug up a couple of thriller tours dreamed in each place around Halloween, with prices that aren't horrifying at all.
Both Choice Hotels and Microtel Inns have some great deals for leaf-peepers this fall, with rooms starting from a low $32, plus packages including local tours, meals and more.
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From Di O'Connell: "My husband is a long-time civil war buff, and now that he is retired we'd like to visit some of the sites. Can anyone suggest an itinerary?"
From dwhite: "Does anybody know anything about the Manchester View Inn in Manchester, Vermont. I'm considering this for lodging in October but other than their website, I can't find any good info or critiques. How about suggestions for daytrips out of Manchester for leafpeeping? I've never been there so any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!"
From Alison Barta: "Does anyone remember an article on Frommer's about a web site that offers park discounts? I know I read it, but can't find it. Where should I look for discounts?"
From hlee: "Just returned from trip -- experienced Las Vegas for the first time and wanted to give a trip report that included a ten-year old."
From Melissa Wawrzyniak: "Hello everyone, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon this helpful board. I am traveling to Ireland November 10-17, 2003 and this will be my first time in Ireland, or in Europe for that matter. I am finding planning my trip to be QUITE a daunting task unfortunately. So I was hoping that someone could give me some insight and help in planning."

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