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Hurricanes can do more than put a damper on a Caribbean vacation; they can blow your whole trip out of the water. So why play chicken with the weather when it comes to your travel plans? The Dutch Antilles -- Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao -- lie just below the Southern belt of the hurricane loop. You might get some rain, but you'll never have to worry about getting stranded, or worse.
Despite the recent tragic explosions in Indonesia, this part of the world remains a relatively benign place, and certainly a beautiful and exotic one. Need some more convincing? Check out these deals to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia.
Sure it's all one big continent, but one important difference separates the Eastern European nations from their brethren to the west -- money. Prices in Eastern Europe still haven't risen to the stratospheric levels so often encountered in Western Europe. Not yet convinced? Check out these bargain packages.
If you think of hotels as a bland, cookie-cutter boxes more suitable for escaping than embracing a foreign culture, think again. Lodgings can take on a very different dimension if you "go local," and such an experience is often less costly and more rewarding than you might imagine.
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From Gloria Kurbanick: "Just a few questions about our upcoming trip to Buenos Aires in October 1. Any suggestions for a Tango show? Did you get your ticket from hotel or at the Tango show? How touristy are these shows? Is casual dress, slacks, etc. accepted for females at these shows? 2.Trip to Colonia: Can you just arrive at the hyrdrofoil port to purchase tickets the day of the excursion, or is it best to get your ticket sooner? Thanks."
From Wil Lee: "A recent article in Frommer's about renting international cell phones was timely since I've been considering renting one for an upcoming trip to eastern and southeastern China. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with rentals. I know I can keep in touch with family and friends via Internet cafes, but that's dependent on when I can find one during the trip and when the recipient will access his/her email. The immediacy of cell phones will provide some peace of mind in case of emergencies or problems back home. Thanks for any help."
From GRAM RYAN: "My wife and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in April 2005. A friend found the "Hawaii Travel Bureau" agency on the Internet. Does anyone have any experience with this firm and does anyone have any other recommendations regarding Internet travel agencies dealing with Hawaii?"
From wendy jenkins: "My friend and I just returned from a trip to Slovenia and Croatia. We learned many things on this trip and I hope to alert fellow travelers to some of the things that would have saved us either inconvenience or money. The area is lovely and well worth a trip."
From Deb McDonald: "Traveling to Cancun area in November for four nights and would appreciate any feedback on either the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar or the Iberostar Tucan. This will be our first trip to the area so any ideas on sightseeing would be a huge help also."

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