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A Christmas market river cruise on the Danube, a Thailand tour, a charming Vermont inn, and deals in Los Cabos and Bermuda.
What do you do when you return a rental car and then receive a bill in the mail for €800?
A visit to one of these five remaining tropical rain forests just might be the ultimate sightseeing honeymoon.
Now that the Continental/United Airlines merger has been approved, what can you expect as a consumer?
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Sunset over Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica Sunset over Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica
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Reader's Voice
From JoeDove: "We're planning a trip to Italy next fall. We'll have 9 nights and hope to do Rome, Florence, and Venice. Should we cut back to two cities and if so, which two?"
From Bobby G: "Is it reasonable to drive ourselves in Costa Rica? If we hired a driver, roughly how much would it be? How much ground can we cover in 10 days -- east and west coasts?"
From Lenore: "My husband and I will be in Maui in Oct. Is it worth spending $120 on the round-trip ferry to Lanai, or would we have just as much fun snorkeling and enjoying the beaches around Maui?"
From Gloria: "Where would be a good place to ride the train from Grand Central toward the north and return to NYC via boat? We could spend the night somewhere along the Hudson."
From Donovan Norton: "Is it worth the extra fare to upgrade to the standard first-class TGV seat for our trip from Paris to Avignon?"

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