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Hoarding frequent-flier miles or loyalty points can be addictive, until you realize that you've never earned a free flight or hotel room. Are loyalty programs worthless or worthwhile?
An American Airlines autumn sale to Dublin, cheap Southwest flights, and which airlines charge the most (and least) for unaccompanied minor fees.
Sometimes travelers are at the mercy of front-of-the-line agents, who can either make your rental experience a rewarding one -- or a disastrous one.
Check out these 10 cities in Europe, Asia, and North America that are close enough to the cruise docks to warrant a day trip.
This weekend all entrance charges will be waived at 392 National Parks. It's a fine opportunity to enjoy the best of America's attractions.
Some Los Angeles residents are transforming urban space into farmland as a way to bring homegrown food back to the city.
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Autumn in New Hampshire Autumn in New Hampshire
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Reader's Voice
From Colorado native: "My wife and I are visiting the Big Island for a week. We'll be staying on the north end. We enjoy hikes but aren't athletic. We like beaches but won't spend all day on the sand."
From baybay: "I'm planning a trip to NYC and I'm looking to do some bulk shopping for my boutique. Can anyone tell me what streets are best to go to for wholesale shopping for clothes?"
From sidney brunson: "My husband's 40th birthday trip will focus on the best pubs for traditional music and food. I'm looking at Galway (for a larger city), Doolin (for a smaller town), and one more stop."
From Nic Nic: "Has anyone rented a vehicle with Elephant Car Hire before? Are they good?"
From Yambu: "My wife and I are loving Rosetta Stone French. (We leave for Paris in April.) Don't know if it's necessary, but it would be nice to offer a phrase now and then."

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