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Just like the headline sez, and just in time to view the changing leaves out west.
The Orinoco and Amazon rivers are the stars of this January 2003 cruise on the Royal Olympic's Olympia Voyager. Well, the rivers and the price.
Exotic discounter Sunny Land Tours is offering an eight-day beach experience in Costa Rica that simultaneously benefits Costa Rican children. The vacation starts at just $799, including air.
Grand Circle Travel has returned with a newly redesigned Web site featuring its just-announced 2003 list of tours for the over 50 crowd. Today, we're featuring its most popular itinerary through Northern Mexico and the Copper Canyon.
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From Lin Dowling: "To summarize this long involved dispute. I made a reservation with Expedia for a hotel room at a certain rate, (credit card guarantee), and when I arrived the hotel refused to honor the rate and made me pay almost double the quoted rate. Expedia first promised to make good on the guaranteed rate and now refuses. Expedia's answer: the hotel is not co-operating and we have now removed them from our site. I have sent a copy of where I posted this grievance to Expedia so they have a fair chance to repute anything"
From Bonbon McDonough: "We visited these remote, scenic islands, which are located l,000 miles east of Montreal in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for four days this summer. The Iles can be reached by ferry from Prince Edward Island (5 hour ride) or Montreal (48 hour ride) OR by plane from various cities in Canada. The archipelago is comprised of about a dozen islands of which six are connected to one another by long, thin sand dunes. The 60 mile long road is very scenic, long white sandy beaches, deep red cliffs--a spectacular get-away. You can discover the winding roads and paths of the islands on foot, horseback, bicycle or by automobile."
From Lauren Michaels: "My partner and I are looking at traveling south for a week this January. We have a limited budget, and so I am looking for some recommendations. We have previously travelled to Aruba and the Mayan Peninsula. We just want to get away and relax for a week - nothing fancy, somewhere you can show up for breakfast in your swimsuit with sandy feet."
From mpatry: "I have been checking bulletin boards for a long time concerning Galapagos queries. The most common question is: How can I get the cheapest cruise? Here is the correct answer: Fly to Galapagos, come to Puerto Ayora, and be ready to hang out for 3- 5 days as you look for last minute specials. But a wiser answer might be: You will likely cruise Galapagos only once in your life, so don't do it on the cheap. It's worth spending a few extra $$ to ensure you get a decent ship, a good itinerary, a good guide. When considering a cruise ask the questions."
From Tania Fasser: "I would like some suggestions with my honeymoon. I am studying early. I will be going in early December 2003. For one week. My budget is $5,000 - $9,000 (this is CDN dollars). We were thinking Hawaii but they don't have all inclusives."

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