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Face it: airfares to Asia may never be as low as they were this summer, when it seemed like Asian airlines were willing to pay you to fly to their favorite destinations. But prices are still pretty swell, with several airlines making it pretty easy to get to Asia for under $600 from the West Coast.
Here are some of the best deals the major online sellers are advertising this week, including several weeklong Caribbean excursions starting from a low $399, or how about a four-night New England cruise from $199.
We're happy to publish an extended offer from the family-run company, AAA Dream Homes. Owner Lance Boyer is cutting $15 from the daily rate to Frommers.com readers indefinitely.
Several hotels and one airline are offering great rates and discounts for St. Lucia's shoulder season, from now through December.
Talk about niche marketing! Bob Thomas from Ontario dreamed up this travel opportunity: tours to Brazil and Argentina, designed specifically for farmers and their spouses.
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Reader's Voice
From Henry Townsendx: "On a recent trip in Ireland, on three occasions the following attempt was made to gyp me. At two hotels and one store, my euro charge was converted into a dollar charge -- at a very unfavorable rate, approximately 4% over the bank rate. I refused to sign, asked for the dollar charge to be reversed, then paid the charge in euros. Many people would not know they were being gypped; one would have to know the exchange rate. Or, one might take notice of the line in small print at the bottom of the charge slip 'The signed acknowledges that the opportunity was given to pay in euros.'"
From Paul Graff: "My wife and I just returned from a great 'discount' trip to Hong Kong and thought we¿d communicate on the experience. While we¿re veteran European travelers, we had never been to Asia, and really weren¿t planning on going quite this soon. However, after being deluged with deals this summer and info from newsletters such as Frommer¿s, we thought we¿d look into it."
From Brenda King: "We just returned form an awesome week in the San Juan Islands spending four days touring San Juan Island and Orcas Island via ferry and car. We did a whale watch charter one day when we were on San Juan Island, which was like Mr. Toads wild ride."
From Lisa Troxler: "Does anyone know of a good program that I can 'move' my airmiles into as they will be expiring at the end of the year - ie: free hotel nights, free car rental, free/low cost cruises, merchandise - not magazines. I've done a search and came up with the following sites: Milepoint.com, Points.com, www.milesandpoints.com. Has anyone been successful?"
From Dawn: "I don't know what to tell you folks, but being on a big white boat that can be seen by satellites with 2000 paying guests and 1000 or so employee's isn't my idea of a secure environment under any situation! Don't you feel more like a bullseye?"

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