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Delta Airlines is reducing fares to Anchorage from everywhere in the United States good for travel now through September 7th of next year.
Now is the right time to plan for the winter ski season, but if you're not quite sure of yourself on the slopes, you may want to get an edge on others by studying technique at the Beaver Creek Ski School in Colorado.
Trying to cover the entirety of this vast peninsula in a single trip is seemingly insurmountable and possibly insane; it contains two whole countries, Portugal and Spain, and the tiny principality of Andorra. Insight Vacations is taking a stab at it, preparing a fascinating itinerary over the course of ten days, covering essential highlights from $1,099 per person. However, if you can book by September 30, they take off another $100 per couple.
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From Herb Kincey: "The new draconian rules now being adopted by most U.S. major airlines are driving away passengers by the thousands just when the airlines need them the most in order to survive. These new rules also indicate how the people who manage the airlines really feel about those of us who fly. Let's face it, folks, we have become the enemy, to be taken advantage of in every possible way!"
From Ceri Dando: "We recently trvaveled by Continental from to London. We were very disappointed to learn that they had changed their beverage service and now do not offer free wine or liquor to economy passengers. We also had a hassle with the hostess who only had 3 tonic waters for the whole plane."
From Marvin Resnick: "Even before the present restrictions we found that US Airways used a storm to justify eliminating flights. Our experience in July going out of Manchester, New Hampshire is typical."
From Douglas W Johnson: "We had two fourteen year old twin girls visiting us from Finland. To fly back they went from SLC to JFK on Delta and from JFK to Helsinki on Finnair. They are quite shy and don't speak English. We were worried about getting them from the Delta Terminal at JFK to the terminal Finnair uses (quite a distance and a problem for shy girls who don't speak English). When Delta was contacted they said they would get the girls from Delta to Finnair for an extra charge of $100 per ticket."
From Tarun Nagpal: "On my honeymoon, my wife and I flew Iberia to Seville. Everything was going great until the trip back. I had contracted food poisoning and was completely ill. I was shaking uncontrollably, sweating and running high fevers. While at the Seville airport, we asked the Iberian representative if we could take the later flight and still make our connection. She assured us that we could."

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