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Late autumn and winter are the right times to visit Europe, as you can best appreciate local culture and traditions when the locals are themselves home from summer travels abroad. Musical events and traditional festivities peak during this time as well.
One of the world's last unspoiled habitats, Borneo is an island of mystical power and endangered wildlife. For all its natural beauty, including the tallest mountain in South East Asia (Mt. Kinabalu) pristine white sand beaches, mysterious caves and world-class scuba diving, Borneo is most famed for its wildlife (rhinoceros, elephants, etc.) and its high concentration of simians, including the rare Orang Utan (man of the forest) and the unique Proboscis monkey.
Pretty girls. Beefy polo players. Long, lazy days sitting at European-style cafes watching the South American world go by. Ravaged by a sour economy and the type of inflation seen by Third World countries, Argentina is starving for Western dollars. As a result, Buenos Aires is courting visitors with good prices on hotels and travel packages.
From now through mid-December 2004 there are dozens of good-value vacations in the Caribbean. Here are a couple that are currently available.
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From ZEIDA KIRIK: "We are planning a trip to Sicily and Southern Italy with a stop in Rome .We will be departing March 30th, and returning April 12th. What is the average temperature in Sicily, and most of Southern Italy and in Rome at that time of the year? We will appreciate any input. Thanks! E and Z"
From Lisanne Hamilton: "What are the most romantic hotels for a newly in-love couple? Not my first trip, but his, and my first with a man I'm head over heels about. Thanks for any and all suggestions!"
From MelissaC: "My husband and I are planning a trip to Australia in December/January. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place for dinner where we can also see the fireworks? Is there a good spot to go to see the fireworks? Also... we are planning on diving. Any recommendations? Mike Ball seems to be the favorite but too expensive for us. We're looking at doing at least a three-day/two-night liveaboard. What will the weather and visibility be like?"
From Anita Kennedy: "My partner and I are going to South Africa next year probably around the end of May. I need to find safari information for a middle of the road/less expensive price. I do not need airline tickets. I've read a lot of the safari sites but they all seem pretty upscale to me. Any ideas? I also need to know how late I can book a safari. Thanks."
From rob white: "It seems to me that over the past few years I've seen a couple of mentions in the Frommer's newsletter about RV rental companies lowering prices in order to have mass numbers of their new or newly fixed RVs driven to the rental locations. I think there was a location in the Midwest, one in Texas, and one in Florida. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks, Rob"

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