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Far and Wide Travel is offering free companion airfare on certain five-day/three night air/hotel combos to further reduce their prices good for daily departures from November 1 through December 31, 2002.
This deal is easy enough to understand. If you stay three different times in any of Marriott's properties between October 14, 2002 through January 31, 2003, you'll get two free weekend nights.
Since 1976, Peter Owens has been leading trekking trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, including 33 for the Sierra Club. If you are hale and hearty (or just hale, I guess), you can join him this fall, winter and next spring on one of the 27 trips he has scheduled.
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Place des Vosges: Paris
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Reader's Voice
From John Scott: "I enjoy going to the casinos, but I am disappointed in the ones who do not have non-smoking areas. In smaller cities that have casinos, little is done for the non-smoker. I was recently in Colorado and Louisiana and no non-smoking areas existed. One floor should have smoke free areas. "
From Tracey Sufi: "My husband and I just returned from the Adventure of the Seas out of San Juan. It was our first RCCL cruise (after five Carnival cruises). We though we would kick it up a notch and go RCCL. The ship was magnificent, the crew and service great, but the food was a huge disappointment."
From Bonnie H.: "We're considering booking Friendly Planet's 14-day Amazing Thailand tour for this spring. The price and itinerary are very attractive, particularly the ala carte approach to many of the optional day trips. Because we'll be covering several cities that we visited on a previous trip to Thailand, we like the freedom to explore on the leisure days."
From Pulcino: "I booked part of my trip with Delta Tours. They were recommended by one of their former customers in one of the travel bulletin boards I read, they are listed in the list of Egyptian Travel Agencies endorsed by the Egyptian Travel Board and their web page quoted a low price, so I chose them. From their irregular and delayed responses during our email correspondence I should have guessed they were unreliable, but I went ahead and paid the deposit they required."
From Doug Eads: "We made our first trip to Hungary, and Budapest July 2002. We used FF miles to fly free, and were told Budapest was available to fly into. This seemed a pretty exciting idea! We had a wonderful time, and the city, though under constant restorations, is lovely!"

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