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Traveling doesn't have to be only fun -- it can also do good. You can stay at a comfortable apartment or budget hotel in North America or Europe and still know your travel dollars are helping others.
Between now and just before Christmas, prices are reliably low, with incentives galore; they drop down again after the New Year. We've rounded up some of the best airfares and packages out there.
There probably aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe Egypt as a destination. A "wannabe" archaeologist's dream, it is a country that fulfills all your travel fantasies -- exotic, historic, cultured, mysterious and marvelous all at the same time. People are friendly, prices are generally low and your photographs and tales of adventures will make all your friends green with envy.
With cobblestone streets, small passageways, underground bars, majestic castles, and morning fog, Prague retains a special kind of beauty in the fall and winter that lends itself to dark nights and evening magic. How else did such literary giants such as Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera write such tales of transformation, fear, and love?
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From retrogirl: "I have been enjoying the boards here for quite some time and now it is my turn to seek out some assistance. My friend and I, both single and in our thirties, are going to London for a week in october. I am looking for something other than the traditional tourist destinations -- something a bit funkier."
From Ed G: "We are reserved (hotel) but no airfare yet. Will there be a Mardi Gras?The super krewes have applied for parade permits. I suspect that if police protection is reduced then the parade routes may be shortened. Also some challenges with getting enough help to re-open hotels and restaurants. Cannot believe that Mardi Gras 150 would be cancelled since the $$$ to the city are needed now more than ever."
From badbonez: "Hi folks, my wife and I visited Chicago from September 14th ¿ 20th and we had a great time! The weather helped in this regard because throughout the trip we had mostly sunny, warm days. There were a couple of rain days, but that's for later."
From patricia grisbrook: "Don't use Expedia for any bookings. We just had a horrible experience with them. We booked a hotel through Expedia, received confirmation from them, they charged us for the full amount on our credit card and then two weeks later we get an e-mail from them claiming the hotel did not accept our reservations. We contacted the hotel and we received a different story."
From Road Crazy: "I will be leaving for a brief trip to Paris in three weeks. I've been before and seen the usual things: Notre Dame, St. Chapelle, Sacre Couer, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Orsay, the Jeu de Paume, Versailles. This time, I'd like to visit some lesser known museums, and I'm looking for recommendations as to the best of them. I've already got the Rodin, the Cluny, and the Jacquemart-Andre on my list. Suggestions?"

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