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How Does Social Media Help You Travel? Share in our Forums how websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Frommers.com have changed the way you travel.
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Here's how to transform your vacation from an ordinary getaway to a peaceful experience filled with five-star service -- minus the matching price tag.
Our reader's hotel promises a refund for a nonrefundable hotel room after a hurricane strikes. But it's months later now and the hotel has gone into radio silence. Is the money gone with the wind?
As surprising as it seems, you'll pay less this winter to fly from the U.S. to Rome than you will to London or Paris.
If you've ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, you may have thought you heard something go bump in the night. Here are a handful of places that aren't afraid to argue that "bump" ma be something more interesting.
Want to catch the attention of editors and readers with your writing? Our own Bob Fisher is holding his annual Travel Writing Workshop down in Key West this February.
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Reader's Voice
From babeechow: "We will be flying into and out of Narita. What is the best way to travel between Tokyo/Kyoto? Will it be difficult traveling with a stroller?"
From Kimby: "We hate to make advance reservations, especially when we don't have a feel for the amount of time driving takes in a new country. We love spontaneity. Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?"
From Kingachgook: "Are we better off getting the car at the airport and keeping it the whole time? Or should we cab it to the hotel and back, maybe take a cab to Old San Juan and back?"
From londonin07: "So after a exhaustive search I narrowed down to the following three hotels that fit my requirements. Please advise any pros and cons."
From FoxyGrandma: "Want to spend the day on Molokai and particularly visit Kalaupaka. Is there any way to get there besides mule or hike? Looking for a guided tour, if possible."

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