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Tell us the places you're excited about for the coming year and why you think they're worth it.
Price wars (and sales) from AirTran and Delta, plus what the Southwest/AirTran merger means for travelers.
The Wallonia region in Belgium is packed with breweries, gourmet chocolate, historic ruins, and more.
Though your chances of getting delayed on the tarmac for more than three hours are still pretty slim, the real impact could be the renewed focus on passenger rights.
If you love the tropics but prefer a low-key, no-frills barefoot holiday and an authentic Caribbean vibe, the following spots are sure to win you over.
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Fall foliage near Telluride, Colorado Fall foliage near Telluride, Colorado
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Reader's Voice
From fuzzy_peachkin: "Can I get around Ireland without a car? What are the best hotels/B&Bs near transport? Any tips for a female solo traveler? Any favorite places to go Christmas shopping?"
From LRGidget: "We're considering Chenay Bay or Hibiscus in St. Croix, but we hear the beaches aren't good for swimming. Where can we stay that's not a large hotel or a private villa?"
From vivat: "My husband and I can't decide between Zaragoza, Valladolid or Salamanca after leaving Barcelona. Which one is better for seeing beautiful landmarks and museums?"
From Resrchr: "My family is traveling to Grand Bahama Island in January. Any advice on the best tour group to choose? Also, does anyone know if the water will be warm enough for swimming?"
From Saymoi: "I'd like to walk around a different Paris neighborhood each day. Does anyone have a favorite besides the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th? Like maybe the 20th? Or Montmartre? St. Martin Canals?"

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