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The Dutch have a love affair with the bicycle that's clearly evident from the extensive network of bicycle paths that wind through each of its twelve provinces. Get two wheels and go where cars can't.
Frommer's Marc Nadeau discusses his recent fishing trip on Brazil's Xingu River.
Travel is about passion and saving money to visit dream destinations. So why do we take such short vacations?
To demonstrate where you can get the most bang for your buck, this monthly index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe.
Traveling in Kenya offers a rare to slow down and experience the unexpected, wondrous thrills that can come only when nature is good and ready to show you what it's got.
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From risab: "So, we are seriously getting ready to plan Part 2 to last year's trip, starting with the north with all of the cities we couldn't visit because of the war. Looks like we may go this year in August. So I have some questions and I am counting on my Israel experts for assistance."
From KFisk: "My wife and I just got back from 2.5 weeks in Spain. It was awesome. Here are the details from our trip. I use this site a lot and hope this is useful for some of you."
From LivingInVienna: "We'd like to do a 7-10 day trip to Munich/Garmisch/Innsbruck next spring or summer. We'll be driving from our home in Vienna. I don't know as much about Germany as I do about Austria and could use some help and suggestions for things to do and see in Southern Germany, in and around Munich and Garmisch."
From dsd_473: "I recently stayed at a vacation home in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. My family and I paid a very small sum of money to stay in a well-maintained three-bedroom condo for six days. We went parasailing (which is really fun if you have not tried it) and we rented jet skis."
From Donna Cuervo: "Although I love the meat in Buenos Aires restaurants, I simply cannot eat heavy steaks everyday for several weeks. I've had seafood in various restaurants on my previous visits. It was usually ok but quite ordinary which I expected since seafood does not seem to be a specialty in Argentina."

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