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To demonstrate where you can get the most bang for your buck, this monthly index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe.
Charles Agar reports on the regions ongoing recovery from last December's tsunami, hotel openings, cruise opportunities, adventurous outings and more.
United Airlines is having an unadvertised sale between smaller California airports (such as Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Fresno) and American Airlines hubs such as Dallas and St. Louis, among other cities, at fares ranging from $138 to $198 roundtrip.
The American Southwest, with it's multiple and varying landscapes, offers as many types of vacations as there are vacationers. From rugged ranches to rubdowns at spas, we've rounded up some intriguing offers to suit individual tastes.
Vegas is all about indulgence: neon lights for miles, the thrill and risks of gambling, those all-you-can-eat buffets -- all this smack dab in the middle of a desert, 24/7 but without a clock in sight. A steady stream of package vacations, airfares and hotel offers flood the market. Here are the best for the fall.
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Reader's Voice
From Michael Quartz: "Trying to book an open-jaw trip on air travel websites is frustrating. It's either one-way, round-trip, or multi-city (all in series). Doesn't matter if it's look-but-don't-book sites like kayak, or look-'n-book sites like travelocity, or the individual airlines. I suggest that we each in our own quiet way take every opportunity to email requests to all travel sites for open- jaw to be added as a search option. And mention it to every travel professional we encounter."
From whynotgo: "I want to replace my Sony DSC P-7 digital camera. The P-7 is a small, 3.1 MP, 3X optical zoom camera that I bought in early 2003. The camera will be used almost exclusively for travel photos including people photos. Here are my criteria."
From LNM: "I was wondering if anyone has experienced the Okavango during both the dry season when it becomes a savanna vs. the wet season when you can cruise on a mokoro? When I think of Okavango, I think of doing the river cruise and wonder if I would be missing out on what makes it a magical experience if I went during the dry season instead."
From beebeck: "I just returned from an amazing seven-day trip in Costa Rica. "These boards were very helpful to me when looking into drivers and I wanted to repay that favor. I think deciding to use a driver (versus renting a car) is a personal decision, but it was by far the best decision made by my traveling buddies and me."
From zelda krueger: "My parents (in their 70's) and I will be arriving in Denver the Friday after Thanksgiving and staying for five days with my son, who lives in Cherry Creek (so lodging will not be a problem). My parents have never seen the mountains, so I had hopes of going to Rocky Mountain National Park to show them how spectactular they are. Now I'm reading the park may be closed to snow at that time. Has anyone experienced the private tours of this area? They are expensive but a possible alternative to see some of the mountain areas. What else might be interesting for my parents to see. My son has his own car with 4-wheel drive, if that helps."

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