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From Loraine: "I've come up with an itinerary and would like some opinions on it. We will stay in SJ for two nights , then to Manuel Antonio for one night."
From Lee Miller: "Please tell us your favorite restaurants, tango clubs, places to visit, etc."
From kldoming: "We will have 15 days to drive around the North and the South Islands. Our agenda is to drive around and take photographs and see as much scenic sights and wildlife as possible."
From vinayanand: "Any suggestions on places to visit for good photography? I am not interested in theme parks. I am willing to drive long distances if worthwhile."
From windwalk: "We're considering taking the boat from northern Thailand to Luang Prabang. Can't afford the expensive one, but the Nagi seems to be much more affordable. Has anyone taken it?"

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Home > Deals & News > Frommers.com Newsletters