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Checking-in to alternative lodgings is a great way to check out another life. Whether just a few degrees removed from hotel accommodations or a whole different universe, there are great options for travelers seeking adventure, more authenticity or just more space.
We've got the latest on what's happening across the Emerald Isle, plus news on the country's new smoking ban.
Outlandish and colorful processions, people decked out in outrageous costumes and general debauchery are all part of the action overthe eight days before Ash Wednesday. Next year, Lent officially begins on February 9, so now's the time to make your plans to join the party. Here are our picks for the ultimate Carnaval experiences in South American, Mexico and the Caribbean.
For night owls, it can be hard to get into the best clubs or know if you're in the best spot for local music and flavor when you're traveling. Fortunately, some travel tour companies provide just those opportunities for creatures of the night.
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From Phil House: "My wife and I just returned from a wonderful 10-day trip to Bali. It was our first visit and certainly not our last. Everything worked out great."
From Chris Schultz: "We have finally decided to make the trip to Easter Island early next year and need advice on a hotel there. We will be staying 4 nights and would like to find the nicest place on the island. Surfing the web it looks like slim pickings."
From Gail Schacter: "I'm thinking of heading off to Cuba for about a month, or possibly a bit longer. Interests include street music and birds, and I probably would spend a bit of time working on my Spanish. Anyone else done a trip like that? Any suggestions?"
From Richard F. Small: "If you had one day in early December to take a trip outside of London what would you choose and why? Thanks!"
From Tom Wood: "We planned an 8-day trip to Honolulu staying at an upscale condo style hotel in Waikiki. Although the day activities and site seeing trips were top notch, the changes that occur from early evening on were quite disturbing. Our first night was to simply take the kids out to a nice restaurant for dinner. We discovered that both Kuhio and Kalakaua were now the home to gang types, drug dealers and prostitutes. In fact, we witnessed two groups of young men get into a fist fight right in front of fleeing tourists on Kuhio. We elected to keep the kids in the room at night and bring them fast food instead."

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