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The ice hotels of the Northern Hemisphere are gearing up for another freezing season. Sleeping in arctic conditions may not be everyone's cup of (iced) tea, but the novelty factor, ambience and exclusivity of the locations generate a great deal of interest.
You don't have to be a tri-athlete to explore these Caribbean islands, just the kind of traveler who welcomes a challenge and is curious about the natural world.
Travel to Vietnam means tasting some of the best street food in the world, experiencing a burgeoning and affordable art scene, exploring a diverse topography, and immersing yourself in vibrant urban centers where nightlife consists of late-night cafes and fried spring rolls.
George Hobica and team have rounded up the best fares including new routes for Delta, a European sale from United and discounts to Hawaii from Aloha -- plus their top ten tips for snagging a cheap fare.
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From D&D: "Can someone suggest the best way to get to the Maldives from the US? We are from Phoenix, AZ and looking for the least painful way to get there. We are considering finding a hub city that has direct flights to Maldives (such as Singapore) and spending a few days there to break up the travel."
From GarryRF: "Would someone please tell airport security guards that many people passing thru US airports DO NOT speak English. The US is a hub for many air-routes and some folks haven't spent time in the US."
From cgeorges: "My husband and I will be traveling to Cairo next August. Our accommodations and tours are being pre-arranged. We want to combine this experience with seeing some other part of that region of the world that is in relatively close proximity. Any suggestions?"
From chickadee0508: "My wife and I are planning a quick weekend trip to NYC the week before Thanksgiving. This is our first trip. We have tickets to Broadway show on Saturday night. What are the top attractions we should see?"
From Road Dawg: "My wife and I returned from Provence on September 17, and I wanted to share some recommendations."

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