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Where Do You Want to Go in 2012? Nominate your favorite places in our annual Top Destinations feature.
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You know you should back up your travel photos. Here's what to consider when deciding among Flickr, Picasa, Shutterfly, or other online photo storage sites like SmugMug and Photobucket.
Join a fall foliage tour of New England or a walking tour of southern Turkey, book an affordable Puerto Rico package, visit Budapest, or spend time in Borneo and Bangkok.
A traveler is outraged when she is charged $500 for a small scratch on the bumper of her rental car. Will she have to pay for the damage, and why do the repairs cost so much?
Is it possible for a family of four to find cheap Thanksgiving flights? Here are four ways to improve your chances of finding affordable holiday airfare deals.
Tokyo's innumerable, ever-changing ramen shops have transformed this humble noodle dish of Chinese origins into a local culinary star.
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Autumn colors in Chianti, Italy Autumn colors in Chianti, Italy
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Reader's Voice
From cherrivala: "I'm planning a trip to Disneyland with six people (three couples). Getting three hotel rooms is looking quite expensive. Has anyone found a place to stay that comfortably sleeps six?"
From eco_bach: "In Paris museums, can photos be taken as long as no flash is used? Is there a distinction made between point-and-shoot and more expensive SLR equipment? Or no photos at all?"
From dctbc: "We're thinking of going to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo in Feb. with our three kids. We want a place with a toddler pool and a beach where the older kids can boogie board, swim, and snorkel."
From rcjayhawk13: "I have a few evening events to attend in London. What is my best and cheapest option to get back to my hotel? Are there taxis that are under $50?"

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