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We've rounded up the latest news on the Hawaiian Islands for budget travelers.
A new series of audio tours pride themselves on using the voices of local "insiders" to guide you into spaces you'd never otherwise see -- places you might never know are there.
The often-repeated sales from these two airlines play an important role in keeping airfares low for everyone in the US, and their fares are always worth looking into for budget travelers.
The City of Five Flags -- so-named due to the shifting governance over time by the Spanish, British, French, the Confedaracy and the U.S. -- has a veritable cornucopia of activities and discounts going on through November. Read on for the details.
We love writing about great travel deals, even more so when they have a purpose that goes beyond simple vacationing. Consider the 2003 Seoul-Beijing Bicycle Tour, a one-time pedal-for-peace trip that runs from South Korea's capital city through China to Beijing and the Great Wall.
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Reader's Voice
From jroedel: "My husband and I were recently on a trip in Europe that included a stop in Salzburg. I had always wanted to see the city and had bought the Frommer's guide for Austria. When we arrived at the hotel that Frommer's had recomended we were very surprised and disappointed. That was the start of the nightmare."
From Bev Klauer Collins: "When I saw 'airfare plus 6 nights in Paris from $529' via Europe Express I thought it must be too good to be true! But we've just returned from 2 fabulous weeks in France and I'm here to thank Frommers.com for putting me onto the fine folks at Europe Express!"
From Sari Byrd: "I truly have no idea what the exact consequences will be for passengers as a result of this merger -- but it's hard to imagine consumers will benefit with less competition! Having flown both these airlines I also am hopeful that, with the merger, the quality of food and service on Air France planes will become the "standard" as opposed to that on KLM!!"
From mary fitz: "Can any one tell me what the best buys in Paris are? For example are designer (handbags, scarves, cosmetics) items really much cheaper there than in the US. Are duty free shops worth anything? I'm not big on waiting in line to get VAT savings at the airport. Any tips would help."
From Bonnie Miller: "Since this was our 35th anniversary year, we decided to do something different for our vacation. We had taken the Crescent from New York to New Orleans in 1997, and enjoyed the trip and the regional cuisine. We had heard that the California Zephyr was a great trip, so we planned our own Amtrak vacation to include that trip."

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