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Trains can't go to many places in Switzerland because of the steep inclines, so the buses take over. The Post Bus, which delivers the mail, now takes tourists for a ride as well.
With its romantic inns, fair climate, and reasonably-priced Southern eateries, this enchanting town is an inexpensive travel alternative where your hard earned dollars go a long way.
Don't forget to check into these voucher books intended to help you save money on admission fees to attractions and save time because you don't have to stand in line.
Warm up this fall and winter in tropical Costa Rica. Surf, sunbathe, swim in waterfalls, raft, go game fishing, explore volcanoes, climb jungle canopies or do nothing at all -- the choice is yours, especially now that prices have dropped.
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From Olivia L: "There are lots of great posts here on the inexpensive tours for China that sounds like great values. I am sending my mom on a tour of China as a gift, and would like to do something extra-nice for her. Can anyone suggest high-end or luxury type tours? She is 50 + and will be traveling alone, so it would be nice if there is something that caters towards people more her age. If there is something that caters to singles, or is at least single-friendly also, that would be a big plus. Thanks!"
From Cam Dun: "We returned from a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies in June 2003 and promptly applied for our refund on hotel taxes paid. Unfortunately, we used a service called ITRS, which had their brochures prominently displayed all over the airport. After communicating with them since that time to follow up for the refund (about $100 Canadian), they recently referred us to the Canadian government. The government notified us that the refund was sent to ITRS in October 2003 and since we used ITRS under a contractual agreement, there was nothing more they could do. We relayed that information to ITRS in 7/04 (twice) and have never had a reply."
From shell m: "We had plans to spend the holidays at LaLuna in Grenada but am not perplexed with what to do. I hate to add insult to injury, but what will the island be like in December after suffering such devastating losses during Ivan. Any advice?"
From Mike Brown: "I will be in Paris for five days in mid January. I am interested in taking a one or two-day hands on cooking class (in English) while I¿m there. Has anyone done this or have any good leads? I was just looking at a website called www.theinternationalkitchen.com, and they have two Parisian classes: One with Samira Hradsky and the other with Chef Marguerite. Any feedback, leads or other ideas would be greatly appreciated."
From Catherine Retzner: "I would llike to plan a trip to Dubai in the next few months. Is there an off season for traveling to Dubai? Any recommendations on hotels would be greatly appreciated."

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