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Hawaii's six islands are popular with travelers from all over the world because of their rainforests, lagoons and beaches. To help you experience it a first (or second, or third) time, we've found package deals just right for fall.
While people in the U.S. hold the Grand Canyon in awe, it is dwarfed by northwestern Mexico's mammoth Barranca del Cobre, the Copper Canyon. Tour the canyon by foot, mule or bike, or by rail along one of the world's most stunning stretches of track.
This week we travel to western Germany, for some history and culture in Cologne. If you're up for good times, Kolsch beer and a 10-minute drive through three countries, then join us.
The Year of the Pig doesn't begin until February 18, 2007, but you better book now if you want a flight to or a place to sleep in the world's best city to celebrate it: Hong Kong.
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From mbales04: "I have just arrived here in Germany with my husband who is in the military. We have a 4-day weekend coming up and would like to travel the Romantic Road and maybe see the Neuschwanstein or Linderhof castle. Any suggestions for good places to stop and stay overnight, best way to see the castles, or any places along the road that we shouldn't miss?"
From valli: "I want to drive from Colorado and take in as much beautiful country as I can for three weeks. If I start in Denver, let's say, and want to go through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana what would be the best and most beautiful routes to take in this short amount of time?"
From boatboy24: "I'm having trouble finding the time to put my entire trip together, so I'll do it a bit at a time. My wife and I actually made our trip to London, with a couple days in Dublin beforehand and a day trip to Paris in the middle."
From zautumn: "Before I left I studied all the posts on this board so I would like to repay the knowledge. I am posting reports with tips, accommodations, etc."
From bilalu: "We always prefer self drive trips when possible. Anybody have any experience driving in Morocco?"

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