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Fascination with the occult and all things ghostly is not restricted to Halloween. In fact, you can travel to haunted houses and spooky sites throughout the year in a variety of countries, but for an authentic Halloween scare, you may wish to indulge in a few of these frightful fantasies.
Greetings! This week we do a quick overnight in Chicago, before flying to St. Louis. That city is full of surprises, and we are happy to demolish the myth that St. Louis is just for flyovers.
Don't let its small size deceive you: with several thousand miles of beaches, the Western Hemisphere's largest barrier reef, and some of the richest rainforest in all of the Americas, Belize offers a staggering abundance of eco-friendly activities.
Just when you think you've got Orlando all figured out, it goes and sheds its skin again. Restaurants, attractions, and hotels open and close in what seems like the blink of an eye.
The bed and breakfast experience offers a better bang for the buck than most normal full-service hotels or no-frill national chains.
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From Sharoni Gergely: "I am planning a trip to Bora Bora next year. My fiance really wants to surf, and from my research Huahine is where it is at (as opposed to the main island of Tahiti). This island seems very mellow, which is fine, Bora Bora will be as well, but I'd be interested to hear from people about how they thought it compared to Bora Bora or Moorea (I have been in Moorea twice). Is it 'less' in comparison with these two islands? What are the pluses and the minuses?"
From nesvensson: "I booked my SNA-ORD-Copenhagen via Ontetravel.com on United and SAS. At check-in at John Wayne Airport, United would not issue my ticket because according to their records, I should have a paper ticket. At the counter I hooked up two supervisors via my cell phone, one from United and a ticketing supervisor from SAS, who tried to convince the United supervisor that I had an e-ticket and it should be shown as such in their records. While haggling about this, my flight left. The United ticket agent offered to book another flight, 'but that will be a $200 re-booking charge".'"
From MsLiberty: "A couple of months ago, I called Cingular and had them unlock my phone. They assured me at the time it would work in France, but when I called back to double-check that everything was in order, I was informed my phone uses the wrong band and therefore would not work in Europe. My mom is freaking out b/c she wants me to have a cell while I'm traveling."
From B-cautious: "It looks like an old scam from Patpong is alive and well in Nanjing Donglu. Girls will ask you to sit and have coffee with them so they can practice English with you. You wind up in a coffee shop/bar. The girls order and then things that you did not order begin to appear -- food items and then whiskey in this case. At the end a huge bill is presented."
From Kathy4HIM: "I'm working very hard on plans for a trip to Israel for next year; the dates are now set (September 3-14). We want to visit some charities while there where we can be a blessing such as, perhaps, a soup kitchen where we could work for a morning, a nursing home where we could take small gifts and visit the residents, that type of thing."

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