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This autumn and winter, make it Paris, when it glitters, with skies that are often crisp and clear, and leaves still remain scattered along the boulevards. There are dozens of deals, but only a few pass muster here, with our choice of the best handful for your eyes only.
The Mile-High City is worth more than just a layover. That's United's message with their new Denver stopover program, which will let you dally in Denver for as long as you like by adding $60 to any flight between the lower 48 states stopping over there.
Bigger hotels, new restaurants, a mixed bag on flights and more in this latest online update for San Diego.
The weather is rather mild, and it only gets better the farther south you head. The crowds are gone, you can walk peacefully in Roman streets without being shoved off the sidewalks, and find tables at almost any caf¿ or restaurant, not to mention seats at cultural events in the evenings.
Depending on your destination, United Airline's Silver Wings Plus program can save the 55-plus set serious bucks.
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Reader's Voice
From Brenda P.: "This past weekend, I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I expected Cleveland to be a dumpy filthy city, but I was surprised to see how clean (like Toronto) it is. I didn¿t want to get my expectations too high for the Rock Hall but I have to say, it was incredible!"
From KLP: "We are planning a family trip to New Zealand with our adult children next year. Our adult son thinks he will not be able to get a passport because of some unresolved traffic violations in Nevada that have probably gone to warrant. Some friends think he could get a passport, could complete travel, but get arrested as he re-enters the US. Nothing on the passport site addresses this issue. Any information would be great."
From Emma P: "I made a room reservation with Travelocity for Four Point Hotel in Vancouver in Aug 2003. Upon check-in, we were informed that there were 2 reservations under my name, each for one room. I have only reserved for one room and have email confirmation from Travelocity that states so. The hotel charged for a no-show for the 2nd room."
From Art Kosatka: "Thank you for a relatively pleasant evening at your hotel. Please do not expect to see me again. Perhaps I should explain. I was booked into the hotel by my office, but somehow, there was no record of my reservation. Although we understand Four Seasons is 'upscale,' we never really inquired as to the rate, as it was selected solely on its proximity to my business meeting. The staff was quite responsive in offering me a room anyway, at the lowest currently available rack rate of $300. While I should not have been surprised, I requested a government discount, offering appropriate identification. I was told, 'we are a Canadian-owned company and do not offer discounts.'"
From Sable Evans: "I just have an idea for cruisers who would like to drive to the cruise port city instead of flying, but who don't want to pay for parking. If we could connect with someone who is willing to let us park our car at their house and then drive us to the port and pick us up when we return that would solve the problem. Of course we would do the same for others who would like to sail from S.F. It wouldn't have to be the same people exchanging the favor. It would be a 'Pay It Forward' situation."
From Cathy Fleming: "After reading Frommer's recent article about AAA Dream Homes in Celebration, Florida, I thought it sounded like a good prospect. However, has anyone out there actually stayed at one?"

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