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There are dozens of reasons and ways to venture along this cultural path, where you'll experience some of the incredible splendors of the region through archaeology, wildlife, beaches, jungles and warm hospitable people.
October weather provides some of the nation's finest days. A few of our favorite packagers have deals well into the autumn starting as low as $389 for nights in Rome.
The National Trust Historic Hotels of America, an organization dedicated to keeping our past alive through the use of fine old places to stay has a plethora of promotions across the US.
While we don't advocate family dysfunction, Thanksgiving can be a great time to take advantage of international and domestic travel deals. Hotels are empty and restaurants are craving diners. Europe is always a better deal in the fall, and because travel is light there Thanksgiving weekend, fares and stays are abnormally cheap.
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From Peter Mitchell: "Does anyone know of any great farmers markets across the country, particularly ones held in the fall? I remember going to a really cool farmers market at the steps of the state capitol in Montpelier, Vermont, and I have heard about a really great one in Madison, Wisconsin, but I don't know much about that. Any suggestions?"
From Nathan Atkinson: "I'm planning a trip to Toronto from Tyler, TX. This is a small airport that will connect through Dallas/Ft. Worth - about 2 1/2 hrs away by car. On my return flight, what would happen if I carried on my luggage and then just did not make the connection to Tyler but stayed in Dallas? I would prefer to do that to meet some family, but a multi-city ticket costs much more money. Would there be any repercussions that would affect my future travel in terms of security, standings with the airline, etc?"
From Jessica D: "I'm planning on doing study abroad in Scotland next semester. Can someone please explain VAT to me? What are they? And how do I go about receiveing a refund for it? Any little bit will help. Thanks."
Julie Stadfeld: My husband and I love Halloween! Wwe have gone the past few years to New Orleans, but since we have moved to Atlanta, we feel that Savannah may be an easier trip. Does anyone know anything about Halloween in Savannah for young couples?
From Vicky Shearer: "I'm going to Peru and would like to do a trek to Machu Picchu (although not the Classic Inca Trail) with a local tour operator. However, as I have left it a bit last-minute and everything specifies that you have to book 5 weeks in advance, am I correct in thinking that even if I can't organise a trek at such short notice I can do a day tour of Machu Picchu without having to worry about permits?"

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