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Say it isn't so. The Canadian government is scrapping its Visitor Goods and Services Tax refund program. This could mean that my romantic getaways across the border, not to mention my coveted shopping trips to Montreal, may be in jeopardy because -- aghast -- everything will now cost 6% more.
If the words Fiji and Tahiti don't conjure up images of romance, pleasure and respite, then what will? From Captain Cook to Paul Gauguin to Marlon Brando, generations of travelers have found it hard to resist the South Pacific islands' palm trees, tiare flowers and crystal-clear waters.
Travel experts and authors Pauline Frommer and Reid Bramblett reveal the best ways to get into the thick of authentic Italian life.
Canjet's disappearance didn't cut off many options for U.S. travelers to Canada, but a new airline, Porter Airlines, will open up some intriguing new ones.
Create some new traditions this year. There are simply too many deals to Europe in November to pass up the chance to spend Thanksgiving abroad.
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Deals to Toronto and more Canadian cities
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From luv2trave1: "I will be moving in December and have already booked the flight (on US Airways) for me and the kitty. She will be traveling in the cabin with me. I have a few questions."
From nancybethel: "Our family of 4 (2 boys, ages 13 and 17) is planning our first trip to Europe the first week of April, 2007. We enjoy city activities (museums, tours, etc.) and also mild outdoor activities (biking, hiking, boating, etc.). Any advice on where to go?"
From discodog01: "I'm eager to travel the world but am seeking tours that offer more in-depth cultural experiences than your average tour company. I would be interested in home stays with local people or other immersive adventures."
From g.l.young: "We are a couple of independent travelers (just turned 60, but very active). We would like to spend a month in Argentina and are considering March ... Much appreciation for any info sent our way."
From daniel love: "The 'ABC' islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao comprise the Netherlands Antilles. They are all located within a few miles of South America, just off the coast of Venezuela. They are not totally independent from Holland, but they each have their own currency."

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