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This travel maven flies, drives and boats to and through a South Pacific paradise.
It's a battle of the giants, and travelers will be the winners. Hot on the heels of United's massive worldwide sale, American Airlines is coming through with a similarly wide-ranging set of deals to destinations all around the globe. This sale doesn't necessarily offer the lowest fares we found, but it's doing a great job to help keep fares down.
Hurt by the same worldwide events that have put the damper on travel everywhere, Hawaii is fighting back, in the best possible way for travelers, by reducing prices and arranging nifty packages you can take advantage of this fall and winter.
India's no farther away than Australia. But it's one of the most difficult and expensive places on earth to get to from the US -- a distance that, up until now, was cemented by the need to stop in Europe or Asia on the way to the Subcontinent. Starting October 18, though, Air Canada is offering a new option for travelers.
While raking through the piles of bargain tours to Europe this autumn, fallen like so many leaves upon the fertile ground of the American desire for travel, none were for Switzerland, long a citadel of high prices. But now comes a cluster of brightly-colored leaves from Swiss Made Tours.
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From Donna Cuervo: "A recent article claimed that there were two kinds of travelers: those who go to new and different places all the time rarely repeating a destination and the second kind is those who find places they love and return to them over and over again. What kind of traveler are you?"
From D March: "In the mid 50's thru early 60's Continental Trailways offered a special service on their Silver Eagle express lines. There was a hostess on board who had limited snacks and drinks. Passengers received a sandwich-based lunch and dinner box and each morning the bus stopped somewhere for an included hot breakfast. Each passenger received a pillow for the trip and stops were limited so that the route my mother usually took me on, Southern Calif to Pittsburgh took 2 1/2 days instead of the usual 3. There were a couple of rear-facing seats built around a small table for card-playing with the other high rollers since this service was an additional $30. Seemed like a fortune at the time but the luxe was certainly worth it."
From Miranda Brown: "I am planning my very first trip to Costa Rica and want very badly to do a canopy tour. I am a little frightened by the zip lines and rappelling. (I am not someone who can go on rollercoasters or scary rides at theme parks!) Do you think this is something I could do? I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced a canopy tour."
From Susan Bacco: "My husband and I are going to Greece next August for the 2004 Olympic Games. We are having no luck finding accomodations for less than US400-500 per night. We will be staying for three weeks and our budget is more in the US100-150 range. We would be interested in renting a small apartment but have had no luck there either. Any suggestions?"
From Colleen Nilson: "My husband and I have booked a trip to Kauai for Christmas. I will be 7 months pregnant at the time, and I'm somewhat concerned about having trouble boarding the aircraft. We'll be flying both American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. According to their websites, I will be well within the 'acceptable' range of pregnancy to fly. However, I have heard of gate agents refusing to board visibly pregnant women."

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