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Today we've gathered additional ghoulish getaways -- including even more haunted lodgings in the Northeast plus the Midwest, creepy costumed cavalcades across Florida, and a three-day jaunt to N'Awlins -- all spine-tinglingly affordable.
The land Down Under continues to change in exciting ways. Travelers have new possibilities for getting to and around the country. Hotel renovations and openings provide travelers with more options. Here's a brief summary of the latest happenings.
If we had a week to spare, we'd jump at the last-minute Europe deals being offered right now by 1-800-Fly Europe and Site59. Slightly farther in advance, US Airways is offering some good deals to Amsterdam.
The beleaguered US national railroad is tweaking schedules in the busy Northeast Corridor, as part of an attempt to improve Acela's ratings.
We've got a hefty lineup of Florida's affordable lodgings -- including a Frommers.com-only discount on condo rentals, hotel rooms for under $30 (!) and a budget-priced golf package.
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Reader's Voice
From Naoma Foreman: "I've been going to Club Meds for over 30 years and recently went to Tahiti (my 6th visit). We had to purchase the bar bracelet when we booked our trip and were given no choice. People from other parts of the world still bought the coupon books, but I was informed that this Winter all people booking a trip must purchase the bar bracelet that covers all you can drink except premium alcohol, Champagne, and wine. (The same wine that is free at the dinner table)."
From Kay Livingston: "I am planning a trip to Italy and would like to take a tour. I travel by myself and would like to avoid any single supplements. I know that Cosmos pairs people up to avoid charging a single supplement. Has anyone had experience with other tour companies?"
From Donald Nichols: "Recently I pulled up NWA's website to check on my wife's frequent flyer miles, and I found that 25,000 miles were missing. I contacted NAW's World Perks office, and I was told that several years ago, when my wife's account reached 25,000 miles (sufficient for one flight), they automatically sent her a voucher for a free flight. I was also told that they no longer follow this procedure. We didn't request such a voucher, we never received it, and we never received any indication that this was done."
From P Rycroft: "Before leaping into United's Silver Wings "money up front" deal, if you are travelling domestically, check Southwest Airlines for Sr Fares. There are NO restrictions on Sr Fares, you do not have to pay for your ticket till you fly AND you can cancel at any time with out penalties or change your return flight without penalties. Southwest Airlines is good to Seniors. While they don't fly everywhere in the country they offer such good fares and excellent on time service that all Seniors should support them!"
From Danton Berube: "My wife and I are taking our first cruise over the Christmas holidays on the Carnival Sensation to the Western Caribbean. Does anyone have experience with cruising on Christmas? Do the cruise lines do anything special? We aren't sure what to expect, but are excited about waking up on Christmas day to the sands of Cozumel rather than the snows of New England."

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