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The country represents the nirvana of international exploration, a chance to see sights that people have only dreamed of and visit a cradle of civilization. It symbolizes the golden age of 19th and early 20th century travel, full of intrigue and mystery, fabled curses and the promise of treasures yet to be discovered.
This week we travel back to the States via England. The highlight -- besides taking Eos Airlines across the pond -- was a side trip to a little historic town north of London.
Nassau is only a thirty-five minute flight from Miami, making it one of the closest and most accessible Caribbean destinations. It has more than just location leaning in its favor.
Nestled between Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west, Uruguay remains less traveled by many Americans. Travel providers may bundle it into regional multi-city tours, but the country has much to offer the curious traveler on its own.
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From acalabre: "I wanted to warn people about renting a cell phone for international travel from World Cell. I made the mistake of choosing World Cell because they worked thru my cell phone provider, Alltel."
From alexrey: "I would appreciate suggestions for restaurants where to celebrate this New Year's Eve."
From nowvoyager48: "I took a trip to Spain about two weeks ago. On the way to Madrid, from the US, US Airways lost my luggage, so I did not have any clothes or other important items when I arrived."
From lyradd: "I take a lot of vitamins and packing all the Costco sized bottles is out of the question. Is it really necessary to have the original bottles?"
From Gard Karlsen: "My wife and I have started thinking about next year's vacation and we are thinking about going to Thailand with some friends. I guess it will be Bangkok and an island in the south. But it would also be great to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia."

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