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This week's smart deal comes to you courtesy of Austrian Airlines Vacation Center and it's a getaway to the middle of Europe -- specifically Budapest and Prague, with stopovers in Vienna.
Great beaches, daredevil surfers, fruity drinks, unspoilt parks and more of your memories from the islands.
Famous for their aroma and taste, truffles are the jewels in Italy's gastronomic crown and the fall sees the peak in the truffle hunting, cooking and savoring season.
This week we're going to take a spin on a new airline that serves New York and Toronto. And when I say Toronto, I mean right downtown.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Vienna street scene
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Reader's Voice
From Lulwa4: "I travel solo for work all the time in the US and Canada, but have never vacationed alone. I would like to go for two weeks in December 2008, but I absolutely cannot decide where to go!"
From wivisitor2: "Having flown United Airlines to Europe twice in the last few months, I've resolved never to do so again. Their planes are old, service is nonexistent. Delays are frequent."
From gramac125: "I've had some helpful suggestions to cut this back a little so thought I'd see what people here suggest as well. Whilst we like to have a look at the touristy things we aren't the tick the box for every temple and museum types."
From glochu: "Originally I had planned on going back to Beer Sheva (starting point), returning the rental care then taking the train up north. Now I see on the map that the drive from Ein Gedi to Akko may be shorter."
From ligree: "We are looking for recommendations on where to go to see some amazing views. In addition, we want to hike, would love a wine tour, and would enjoy picking apples and visiting some working farms."

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