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We've told you before about the marvelous bargains offered by Tourcrafters to and within Italy. Well, they've done it again, with their offer of five nights in one of four major cities, round-trip airfare included, at the unbelievably low price of $599.
Tired of the usual Christmas celebrations? You can be the first on your block (maybe in your town) to observe that time of year aboard a Norwegian Coastal Voyage ship, for as little as $747 for seven days at sea (no airfare included).
Iceland Air is jumping into the game by offering a twofer-one sale to seven cities across the pond from as little as $498 per couple. You have until October 31 to purchase these just-announced fares with Monday-Wednesday departures sporting the lowest pricetag.
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Jack Sigano--"There are many river cruises shorter than 14 days. Try checking out Uniworld.com, Viking river cruises.com, Vantagetravel.com, deilmann-cruises.com. You can check out another post from someone who took a Viking River cruise on this board."
J Strong--"San Gimignano -- You must visit. Set in beautiful Tuscan countryside, hills lined with vineyards. The town itself is quaint, has great ceramics. We stayed at a great place -- I have to get the name from home."
Chella Smith--"When, if ever, will the airlines make an attempt to enforce the rules re carry-ons? I just got back from a trip to Spain and on all six segments there were people on with far in excess of the "allowable" carry-on limits. It is the fault of the airlines for not enforcing the well known rules."

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