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Find out what places Frommers.com readers are most excited about for the coming year, then vote for your favorite by Oct. 19.
From December to March, head south of the equator for warmer weather and amazing adventures in Australia, Bali, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Tanzania, and more.
Claim your spot aboard one of these 10 unusual cruise itineraries, which will visit Bali, Dubai, Bora Bora, Norway, and other great cruise destinations.
Will Google Flight Search's recent launch create more opportunities for travelers to find low airfares? Or will Google just be one more site that travelers need to check when researching flights?
Fly to Europe for less on Aer Lingus, find airfare sales from Virgin America and Alaska, and will a traveler's new suitcase be too large to get through the airline luggage sizers at the airport?
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Overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy Overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
SUBMITTED BY Charmaine McInnis
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Reader's Voice
From Colorado native: "We're planning a family reunion in late Oct. Is Silver Dollar just for kids? Are the coupon deals for restaurants or shows really a good deal? Should we get show tickets in advance?"
From neyp: "I'd like advice on what stretch of the wall near Beijing would make a good day hike (3-6 hours) in late November. I'm an experienced hiker traveling with a Mandarin speaker."
From Karen Macarah: "We are planning our honeymoon, and I'm wondering if March is a good time to visit Bali? We've never been."
From Keenie: "Are we better off getting a phone for our trip prior to departure or waiting until we get to Italy? We'll be using the phone mainly to call ahead to an agriturismo with our arrival time."

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