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After major developments in the resorts of Cable Beach and Paradise Island, the resorts and dining options are better than ever. Even sleepy Grand Bahama Island is coming out of its doldrums and reconstructing and renovating resorts at record levels.
Like a beautiful bird that makes a habit of stopping by your windowsill during its migrations, we're always glad when the $198 coast-to-coast fares come by our desks. Spurred on by a slew of airlines, these fares offer a $30-50 discount from what we've been seeing over the past few weeks.
As if getting around LA wasn't hard enough for the poor, car-less tourist: now a strike by the local transit agency's mechanics is stranding buses and subways around the Los Angeles metro area.
Serving your country these days offers fewer tangible rewards than outsiders might think, so it's welcome news when resorts and vacation areas offer special deals to veterans and military personnel currently on duty. We've previously reported on the benefits of the Veterans Advantage organization and on a spate of deals for military personnel on active duty and R&R. Today we tell you about a weekend in New England and a week in the Virgin Islands.
There they go again! Go-Today.com, having pushed the limits almost everywhere else is steadily snipping prices, this time in a favorite spot for American travelers -- London.
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Reader's Voice
From Bonnie Weissman: "Hi, I just returned from Italy, had a wonderful time, and have a few suggestions."
From Joanne Sepich: "Our family of three (couple with an open-minded 11-year-old) spent a week in San Francisco last month. Our transportation cost $2 a day, and we didn't spend more than $10 on a single meal, apiece. Here are my favorite bargains."
From Brenda Kibler: "Just spent a relaxing 15 days in Spain, traveling by train. Here┬┐s the rundown on our trip┬┐highlights and a few downers."
Dona Howlett: "Several years ago I read in my newspaper people all over the world allow elders to stay in their guest rooms in private homes for a very nominal fee (like $12-$20 a day). They offer you half a day to get acquainted with their area, then you're on your own. You can become a member and also share your home. I would love to know more about this. Anyone have any information?"
From Neal Walton: "I know everyone's supposed to love Geronimo. I've been there four times, myself for drinks as well as lunch and dinner. Food is usually excellent and innovative, and it's a great dining experience with a gracious, attentive and attractive waitstaff. Well, not this time! Just got back from Santa Fe and stopped in for drinks at the bar. I couldn't believe it."

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