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Usually, the stereotypical winter holiday season jaunt is propelled by a desire to escape brisk temps and bask in warmer weather. With that in mind, we've rounded up some packages that are designed to either cajole you into jettisoning your usual family plans and head somewhere warm and exotic, or get you overseas during the holiday season for some shopping-oriented trips.
As bears jockey for hibernation spots and National Parks gear up for fall and winter campers, many deals become available for the early booker. So hitch your tent up to your SUV, put your hiking boots and wool socks on, and get ready to nuzzle up next to the fireplace in the cozy resort lodge of your choice. The fall outdoor camping season is upon us and the country's national and state parks are ready and waiting.
Peru is a country built on the foundations of mystical ancient civilizations, with the rugged mountains of the Andes, the lush rainforests of the Amazon, bountiful wildlife, palm-treed desert oases, coastal beaches and a rich and thriving contemporary Latin culture. For the traveler, it offers a little of everything and for the history enthusiast, it represents a magical journey into the past.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Not for Christmas, although that's good, too. No, let it snow so we can ski. Near mountain resorts from East coast to West, from Connecticut to Colorado, snowboarders and downhill skiers are getting ready for the coming winter. Early bookers take note; ski ranges all over the U.S.A have money saving deals.
Last week, we all went down to see for ourselves, see our home, see our city. It was at once better than we hoped, as bad as we expected, and worse than we feared. Contrary to some hyperbole, New Orleans isn't destroyed, not even close. But it is broken.
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From J'Aime Paris: "Hi all! I just returned from my honeymoon in Paris on Tuesday. Here's my (LONG!) report. Enjoy!"
From branden: "There's been a lot of top blog "lists" lately but not so many themed around travel."
From ronburks: "Overall, we really liked Barbados. The ocean was really nice and about 85-90 degrees. The people overall were very nice and friendly and the weather was great."
From safarilover: "I'm planning a Tanzanian safari beginning mid January 2006 and even though I'm quite familiar with southern Africa, figuring out Tanzania has been a real challenge."
From Daveman: "I will be visiting Japan this spring, and I would like to know the most efficient (money-wise) way to travel and see these cites: Leaving From Tokyo with 7 Day JR railpass."

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