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While most people may be aware of the pyramids outside Mexico City and on the Yucatan Peninsula, there are relics of ancient cultures located further afield and well worth the drive, flight or bus trip to get there.
If you want to stay somewhere longer than a few weeks and you aren't independently wealthy, the problem of money will always come up. Fortunately, several countries have plans where Americans -- not all Americans, but some Americans if you're the right American -- can work and travel.
Fly around the world to Tasmania, stick closer to home with Orlando, or head out to three more bargain destinations this month.
Culture enthusiasts are anticipating the 24th edition of the annual Festival de Otoño and its thoughtful mix of classical texts and styles along with newer or modern renderings and forms.
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From Cpoling: "In late May, a small group of friends are spending a week in Munich and Bavaria, then driving to spend another week or so in Switzerland."
From LandtLady: "Our budget probably does not include the Grand Hotel but we'd like something very nice, convenient and with a lovely view."
From sis-in-law: "My brother is taking his bride to Malaysia for their honeymoon this fall. They are both young, healthy and adventurous."
From ljane: "It was a last minute trip. We had a hotel in Tel Aviv booked for one night and a general idea of where we wanted to go."
From luther93: "My wife and I are traveling to the lakes region of Patagonia for three days. We want to combine outdoor activities and relaxation."

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