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You can live like a celebrity when you sign up for "Fiji's Ultimate Experience," a package being offered by Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, yet not break your bank account, as prices start at just $1759 per person, all air included, for 7 nights in what most visitors consider to be "paradise."
How much does Daytona Beach want you to visit? A lot. They're offering every kind of discount from free hotel rooms to cheaper meals to lure visitors to this attraction-filled part of Florida this fall and winter. You can save at more than 50 properties, most located along the area's 23 miles of Atlantic coastline, as well as getting money off at area retail shops, golf courses and restaurants.
Here's one that speaks to all you Sinophile pedalists out there: a long tour of China by bicycle including airfare, deluxe hotels, all meals (banquets too!), all fees to museums and other sites, an English-speaking guide for the duration of your journey and internal transportation on flights and ferries for $2,068.
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Carole Garnham -- "Hi there - I have seen the Outrigger and was very impressed! I would stay there before I stayed at the Sheraton! Go for the bures as closer to the pool and would either combine with Castaway or Malolo - - Malolo is the old Naitasi (or 'nasty' as was formerly known as, here within the NZ travel industry) but it has been revamped in bright blue and yellow colours - can spot it a mile away ! Great chef, excellent pool and has a landing wharf. I preferred Castaway for decor - as it looks more Fijian in style - thatched roofs unlike Malolo. Straight into the water on arrival - all part of the 'experience'. But it would depend on your age and what you are expecting."
Susan Simmons -- "Can anyone offer suggestions about getting bumped on purpose? I would like to travel a day early in hopes that I can give up my seat if there is over-booking on my flight and then earn some free travel. Any thoughts?"
Adrienne Rosenthal -- "I agree! China Focus is truly fantastic. The most "bang for the buck" you can imagine. Everything said about the tour is true! By the way, on our trip, our guide not only could change our american dollars into Chinese, and then would buy back anything left over at the same price we would exchange. NO added costs. Travelers checks could be exchanged at hotels. I agree, take lots of $1.00 bills. Although our guide suggested our waiting for the 'National Stores' I am sorry we didn't buy more from the street vendors. By the way, our experience at the "FOOT WASHING PALACE" was wonderful! and the Chinese Massages in our rooms were a real treat. (By the way, Chinese Massages are done while you are fully dressed! by "Doctors" of Massage.)."

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