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Here are the latest changes, openings and offerings in a city that is easily the most exciting in China.
Short vacation language courses that last one to two weeks are available, but if you can dedicate enough time (usually a minimum of four weeks), the skills you develop will extend far beyond being able to speak Italian or French.
When Hungarians want to say something is a mess, they remark that "it's become a goulash," a mixture of meat and vegetables laced with paprika. You can enjoy that national dish in Budapest, or similar potages in places like Prague & Dubrovnik when you take in a tour of eastern Europe's major cities.
Whether it's for the slopes or just the apr¿s ski, the Alps are the quintessential mountain getaway. Several companies are currently air and hotel packages to spots all along the European chain that won't cost you an arm and a leg.
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From Sandra Clark: "Seeking advice on renting a campervan in Auckland while spending the majority of time on the South Island. Is it convenient to go across Cook Straight? Or, is it wiser to fly from Auckland to Christchurch and rent the campervan there? Looking to plan an enjoyable trip but I'm getting confused on details. Anyone have comments on Kiwi Campervan Rentals? And, looking for advice on whether a stop-over in Tihiti is beneficial vs the extra time spent in NZ."
From Larry Jay: "My family (6 adults and 2 children) is interested in renting a home or villa in the Caribbean, but we are overwhelmed by all the options on the Internet. Anyone know a reliable resource for rental information? Any recommendations for specific locations are also appreciated."
From Nancy Kearney: "My father would like to return to Ireland to visit family. Unfortunately they are spread all over the country. He's a very healthy an youthful 78 but he's been told he is too old to rent a car. Is this true? Any suggestions? If he rents a car for my cousin and then takes her car what might happen? Any info will help."
From Carol Law: "I'm heading to Chicago for the first time, and will be staying in Schaumburg for the entire trip. I've got a rental car booked, but I am wondering if it would be more convenient and economical to keep the car in the 'burbs and take public transportation into the city rather than try to navigate on wheels and fight traffic. Are there parking lots at the commuter stations, and if so, does anyone know how much parking will cost?
From Tedd: "I am thinking of traveling to Akumal with my family in February. We have 3 children, and I'm wondering if we should put them at risk of travelers' diarrhea and other illnesses endemic to Mexico. If anyone has any experience or advice with this it would be greatly appreciated."

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