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George Hobica reports on the latest fare sales to including specials to Hawaii, London, a slew of Canadian and Brazilian cities and more.
Waking up in on an island in the South Pacific is the closest thing to living in a waking dream. But where to stay, what island to hit, can be quandary, especially with all the affordable air and hotel packages available now that Air Tahiti Nui has opened up direct air service from New York to Tahiti, with connections to neighboring islands.
This winter, bear the cool weather for low-priced deals to the city that split Western and Eastern Europe and see what all the fuss is about.
Not satisfied with the fish in your local river or lake? Do you dream of catching the big one? Picture yourself hanging onto a rod that is bucking and bending and you are desperately trying keep your grip, while at the other end of a thin nylon line is a massive king of the ocean, probably twice your weight and undoubtedly twice your strength.
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Snag a cheap fare to Toronto
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Reader's Voice
From Jenergy: "My husband and I spent 10 days in Andalusia in late September, and I wanted to share our wonderful experiences. Wow, did we have a fantastic time! The people, the food, the architecture, the countryside -- they all beat our expectations."
From dbplanpro: "My mother was born in Canada (in BC, but her family is from the Maritimes). I'd like to take my parents on a trip back home next summer. Most of the relatives are in the Fredericton NB and Wolfville NS areas. What seems a reasonable way to approach this?"
From Donna Copley: "We put 1,537 miles on a rental SUV ($18/day on Priceline) the second week of September 2005. Here is a rundown of our trip -- keep in mind we are two middle aged women, traveling with no kids and no pets and over the past 11 months we have lost a total of 90 pounds swimming and walking so we felt well-prepared for the pace of our trip."
From Linnber: "I am assisting a group of people traveling to Indianapolis for a gymnastics meet in January. The meet is downtown, but they wish to avoid paying downtown hotel prices. Can someone recommend an alternative area to stay? They stayed near the airport last year, but it seems like there might be other areas that might have more to offer while they are there. They will be driving to town so staying near the airport offers no advantage. Something reasonably close to the downtown area with decent (mid-range) hotels and restaurants. Any thoughts?"
From jazzrpc: "I have spent a fair amount of time in and around Thailand and I am married to a Laotian, and can count over 12 trips during the last 4 years. Once you enter into the actual bargaining process with the majority of Thai vendors, they expect you to purchase at their lowest offered price. Thai persons realize this and will not start discussing price unless they really intend to purchase. Try this next time, when a vendor quotes prices, just smile and keep looking, if you are not interested, a nice thank you and on to the next stall."

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