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The real question for the next year isn't whether there will be more deals, but where they'll be. Here are 10 places to find them during the Year of the Deal.
Singapore Air has brought back its popular Singapore Stopover which makes it easy for travelers whose destination is somewhere in Asia to add a visit to the city for next to nothing.
With advances in Holland, Austria, Italy, and more, Europe has quickly developed high-speed rail links between top destinations. Shouldn't we do the same in the U.S.?
Abraham Lincoln was reportedly haunted by visions throughout his life, so it should come as no surprise that Springfield, Illinois has a few ghostly haunts of its own. And the good news is, many of them are wheelchair-accessible.
Most visits to Nassau bypass the Bahamas' greatest assets -- its exuberant culture, down-home cooking, and -- most of all -- its friendly, welcoming people. To get a true feel for the Bahamas, try out these experiences.
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Olympic National Park Olympic National Park
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Reader's Voice
From liz84: "Is anyone aware of any current "Stay Two Nights Get One Free" hotel offers? Programs with the Sheraton/Starwood and IHG hotels are now over."
From scout34: "We love anything to do with history and very much enjoy museums. We also love the Original London Walking Tours. We've hit most of the highlights on past trips."
From travelornot2travel: "I've never been to Thailand. My trip will include hiking, biking and sea kayaking. Anything you guys could suggest that I really need to bring with that I might not be thinking of?"
From jodyv: "My husand and I will be staying only two nights in San Juan on our way back from the BVI's and before leaving for home. We would like to keep the cost down if at all possible."
From Lori Hogan: "It's our third trip there, so we've already done some of the highly touristy things. We never got the chance to check out a jazz club, catch some stand-up comedy and see Phantom."

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