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We offer a practical approach for wary and adventurous travelers alike in determining what's safe and what's not.
Don't drink and climb on this excursion; kids get schooled on Celebrity; and The World can be yours in this week's roundup of the latest from inside the cruise industry.
The nation is full of these unsung ferries, humble community means of transport that are hidden treasures for tourists: they get you somewhere interesting, with a bunch of locals, in a breathtakingly fun manner -- and often for free.
It's spring right now Down Under where prices are still low, but we expect them to start rising very, very soon as peak season travel comes into play. We've compiled the best package deals currently available.
The Windy City recently announced a bevy of bargains for visitors good through the end of winter as part of its seventh annual "Chicaglo" promotion. You'll find pretty good discounts on hotels, free activities and events surrounding Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, restaurant specials and more. What you won't find are the Cubs in the World Series this year. Sorry Cubbies!
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From Alice Bruin: "My husband and I are going to Croatia in October. He has sleep apnea and uses a breathing machine and mask to help him sleep. It is small and has a compact carrying case. I am wondering if anyone has had experience traveling with this sort of thing on the air lines."
From Ying Wang: "I just wonder if any one on this board know how to find deep discount price for hotel in China. In US you can get 4 star hotel for the price of 2 star hotel at Priceline or Hotwire. Is there similar website for hotel in China?"
From Roderick Eime: "Madagascar┬┐s tourism industry is counting on a lemur-led recovery. Ask any recent or prospective visitor to Madagascar what first comes to mind and they┬┐ll almost certainly answer: 'the lemurs.'"
From Walter E. Strong: "Those of you sensitive to such issues may want to consider passing up Iceland until they change their policy vis-a-vis whaling. I personally cannot find any reason for the practice and I'm not what you'd call a strong environmentalist."
From PJ7: "Hi everyone, We're thinking about taking another tour of Europe next spring. Tauck looks great but is a bit out of our range. We tried Contiki and hated them. I really like the cities featured in Cosmos' Cosmopolitan Europe tour, but I've read here that the hotels are far from town. Can anyone advise us re any tour company with hotels from which you can walk to the sights?"

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