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Pleasant Holidays is running a special promotion granting up to $500 off per couple, plus 50% off companion airfare on departures from San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The fierce winter storms that pummeled Europe in December 1999 were bound to take down some property -- but did it have to be Louis XIV's showplace?
Fundamentalist rules for lovers and limited access for people who've traveled to Israel put this UAE city low on the list for conscientious travelers.
Part of the island of Borneo, this current sultanate-ruled, oil-rich nation remains a relative tourism unknown in Asia. That's likely change as travelers go in search of authentic cultural and environmental experiences.
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From gjleo: "I think Greece is one of the most beautiful countries one could visit. It is rich in history, culture, geography and the people there are wonderful."
From backfromPeru: "I used this community to prepare for my recent trip to Peru. I just returned and wanted to share the following observations as a thank you to everyone that provided help in the past."
From melissa_j: "I will be in each for five nights. There must be a pool, decently sized and staff used to western tourists."
From EGR: "My husband and I are planning our honeymoon trip in November. We heard that Samara, Montezuma and the Nicoya Peninsula are nice."
From Dename07: "I have seen through my research that there is a lot to do just in London so my question is for the four days should we just concentrate on London or take a side trip to Oxford or Cambridge?"

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