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Colorado is the nation's most popular ski destination -- no wonder, as the state has top-notch resorts with thick snow and gorgeous mountains. And Colorado's appealing to families this year, with kids-fly-free deals from both American and United airlines and a kids-ski-free deal at the Steamboat Ski Resort and elsewhere.
With so many people planning Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays right now, it seems the rest of the domestic flight schedule is looking a bit ... lonely. To give their planes some company, a slew of domestic carriers are offering sale fares for dates that aren't during those peak holiday weeks. If you can travel off-peak, you can save.
Dreading the cold to come this winter? Head south -- way south -- to the likes of Central and South America -- namely Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, even Argentina and Brazil -- where budget-priced air and hotel mixers are starting from a pleasingly low $389.
California's northern coast is the perfect antithesis to the state's southern section. Its pace is slower, its people more relaxed and its culture more intimate. Now's the time to explore this artist-laden region and take advantage of Mendocino County's seasonal discounts.
"Picture it: your bags are packed for the sunny getaway you've been dreaming about for weeks. You rearrange your schedule, cancel a few meetings, and lose a few hours of sleep in order to book the earliest flight at the best available rate. You arrive at the airport two hours early, proceed through security, almost unable to contain your vacation excitement. Then disaster strikes, in flashing letters on the arrival/departure screens: FLIGHT DELAYED. Or, even worse: FLIGHT CANCELLED."
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Reader's Voice
From Sue Painter: "In response to the article in the Frommer's newsletter, we do look at travel advisories before going out of the country. However, we balance them with common sense. Although there is a "no-travel" warning to Indonesia right now, we just returned last month from Bali. And given that our own President is taking 260 people to Bali for a 4-hour stop this week, we rather feel that Bali should not be treated as the rest of Indonesia. Mainly, though, we exercise caution no matter where we go - avoiding heavily touristed areas, big crowds, carrying wads of money around. Having said that, we'd do the same in any large U.S. city. Our opinion - be prepared, watch the advisories, but don't let them dictate your life."
From Bonnie Weissman: "I just returned from "Bella Italia" with Fashion Perspective Tours and was very happy with the experience. Ms. Pam Sexton, the founder and owner of FP, seeks to create reasonably priced travel experiences which emphasize fashion and art. The groups are small, three to 41 people, never larger, and tailored to the needs of the group. We were seven, and included two artists, an architect, a government salesperson, another business owner and others."
From David L. Sprehe: "Avis had many convenient rental locations throughout Spain and France. Their rates were competitive with all European and American rental companies. Avis also provides a free message service so family/friends in the US can leave messages at a toll free number and you can check your messages in Europe also at a toll free number. And the service works the other way as well...you leave messages and your US folks can retrieve them. Be careful of high dropoff charges when picking up a car in one country and dropping it off in another. We drove to the north of Spain, dropped off the car and stayed overnight, then took a 45 minutes train ride into France and got another Avis car and drove it to Paris. No dropoff charge! Also, be sure to return the car with a full tank. The Avis charge for fuel is very high!"
From SM Jackson: "We have just returned from a long awaited trip to Europe, and had a great time. However, I do want to say that Frankfurt Airport is the worst airport I have been through in many years."
From J Dababne: "I was in Puerto Rico August 3-7 this year, and here's my take on the airport, hotels, food and service."

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