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Frequent travelers can be forgiven for thinking the travel industry doesn't give a rip about them and simply wants their money. But it's not an entirely accurate image.
Alaska Airlines puts Hawaii and Manzanillo, Mexico on sale, American Airlines does the same for Brazil, and more international and domestic deals.
Find out why Barcelona, San Sebastian, Grenada, and other Spanish cities keep forcing us to return.
What happens when a glitch leads to too many guests and too few rooms? One hotel takes it on the chin and makes new fans.
See the Strip, the hotels, and the sights of Sin City before you pack your bags.
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Antelope Canyon, Arizona Antelope Canyon, Arizona
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Reader's Voice
From Travel Rob: "The weak dollar has changed the timing on some of my trips, but I'm still traveling... Have you not taken a trip to Europe because of the weak dollar?"
From Tumbleweed 70: "Just wondering if anyone else is concerned about what's going on now in France... I have a vacation planned Nov. 1-7 in Paris and Bruges and have been very much looking forward to it."
From kcar: "My parents are going to Tokoyo & Kyoto. They are considering a group tour because they have heard the getting tickets for subway and bullet train are difficult if you only speak English."
From nzlouise: "We're planning a trip to Egypt with our 3 girls who will be 11, 15 and 17 when we travel. Do we really need to go as part of a tour?"
From jmoses22: "My fiancé and I would like to begin planning our honeymoon for next September and were hoping to get some suggestions..."

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