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Lisbon is a history lesson, a gourmand's paradise, a photographer's heaven and a relaxing dream.
Author and world-traveler extraordinaire Michael Luongo joins host Kelly Regan to discuss Buenos Aires -- one of the crowns of South America.
It's not too late to decide to visit Mexico next week -- so why not take an impetuous vacation and experience Mexico's most exciting and appealing cultural festival -- Día de los Muertos.
It's a given that the editorial staff here at Frommer's loves to travel. What may surprise you is that our travel experiences aren't always perfect; after all, if you travel a lot, you increase the odds of encountering some bumps along the road.
Our Francophile cities to the north, Montréal and Québec City, offer beautiful architecture, small winding streets, charming cafes and cultural attractions.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Lisbon
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Reader's Voice
From shadowlp06: "I am trying to be a patient boyfriend here, but I don't know how much that is working out. My girlfriend will not fly, at all, although she may be warming up to the idea after I showed her the Amtrak price vs flying."
From Travel4Us: "My husband and I were on our four-week dream vacation to Ireland when four days into our trip, we received word from WI that my mother-in-law had fallen and broken her hip."
From BostonAmy: "I'm planning a five day/night trip in Tuscany next month and I'm flying in and out of Florence ... I'd like to spend the first two nights in Siena and the last night in Florence. Where should I spend the two nights in between?"
From Frommers.com Editors: "Turn your pain into tips to help other travelers avoid similar pitfalls."
From viennadjean: "My husband and I will be driving from Costa Rica to Panama in the next few weeks. I understand that you are required to have some paper work to be able to do this. Does anyone know where you get these forms?"

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