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There are many air and hotel packages, hotel specials, and other incentives to visit and we've compiled some of the best.
Arizona didn't replace Florida as the Baby Boomers' and ex-hippies' retirement home of choice for nothing. With its dry, warm desert climate, the burgeoning arts scene, the Native American culture, the red mountains of Sedona, the hundreds of golf courses between Phoenix and Scottsdale, the restaurants and the outdoor shopping malls, who can blame them. Did we mention the resorts? They're good, too. So are the travel deals.
Baja is an 800-mile long mountainous peninsula that lies south of California but it's a slice of Mexican heaven for travelers who are looking for luxurious resorts and private villas, pristine white sandy beaches and a vast array of water sports including diving and game fishing.
If you know nothing of the country of Wales, that proud world unto itself on Great Britain's west coast, birthplace to actress Catherine Zeta Jones, singer Tom Jones and poet Dylan Thomas, you can start your education now and get inspired to grab one of these packages.
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Reader's Voice
From mimimeme: "We have just returned from a week in Argentina and a week in Panama."
From trelawn: "Your suggestions would be appreciated about Poland. Three years ago we visited Krackow and the Tatra mountains. We loved it."
From Donna Cuervo: I was looking at some locally published What's On type magazines for a few cities in Spain. I noticed that many museums listed offered substantial discounts for 'pensionistas' and 'jubilados,' which I assume means retired persons. I'm wondering if this also refers to foreign retirees. Has anyone taken advantage of these discounts? What documentation do you need to show?"
From Carisa P: "Several times I have tried using Travelocity's flexible search option. Depending on the carrier, usually Lufthansa, when I click on a departure date I get a message stating that the airline does not offer service between my select cities on that day. Can anyone shed some light on this?"
From Neener: "I was in Turkey July 9-24 this year and just wanted to share my recommendations. Firstly my advice is if you have the opportunity to see Turkey GO! We loved it."

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