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Although cruising is increasingly popular with American travelers who want to see the world while avoiding overseas air trips, there is still a lot of capacity in the fleets of shipping lines, which overbuilt in the frenzied years of the late 1990s. That's good news for would-be cruisers, as it means there are dozens of bargains to be had for the asking.
We told you recently about early booking savings at Keystone Resort. Now they've come out with additional money-saving packages letting kids ski free all season and letting moms and dads save a little dough.
If you're a hockey fan and want to see your team in the Stanley Cup Finals next June (2003), you have a dilemma. If you wait until you're sure they will be in the final play-offs, there may no longer be seats available. On the other hand, if you book now and your team doesn't make it to the finals, you don't want a seat to see some other teams play each other.
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From Joanne Sepich: "I¿ve just returned from one of the best vacations of my 40+ years in the Canadian Rockies, and Frommer¿s to Banff and Jasper parks steered us well. I¿d strongly encourage anyone looking to take a trip this fall to head to this region. We pulled together our trip just 10 days before departing. Flights and hotels had openings, and our US dollar bought better than $1.50 Canadian."
From Tally Ho Travels: "I just returned yesterday from Paris. I had 10 rolls of exposed film. After reading several posts about asking for a hand scan of exposed film, i put the rolls in a ziploc in my purse so i could quickly get it out and ask for it to be hand scanned. no such luck. the security person refused, telling me the scanner would not hurt it. FAA rules don't apply outside the USA. Being as I had bought my tickets on Thursday and left on Monday, I had no time to purchase lead bags."
From Rachel Sturm: "Am I the only one who dislikes cruising. My husband and I will be going on our third cruise in as many years. We've gone to Alaska Twice and are now going to Hawai. He LOVES it. He finds it very relaxing. I find it it extremely boring. Not to mention that I suffer from horrible seasickness no matter how many remedies I try. I love to travel but I want to spend my time BEING there not getting there."
From Jack Trottier: "Has anyone booked a ticket with Student Universe? Have they had any problems? They're prices seem to beat STA all the time, but are there any catches I should know about?"
From Terri C: "It seems as if there are many people out there looking for companions to travel. I think group travel is safer, more fun and savings can be passed on to those in the group. So, if interested in getting involved, send a reply. Since this is a start-up group, all ideas would be welcome and might be just what you are looking for."

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