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You're not imagining things: holiday airfares are higher this year than last. But there are ways to get the lowest possible fares, and ways to make the best of a miserable peak-day flight.
If your idea of the perfect Caribbean getaway is visiting a small and welcoming island with British charm, fine food and pristine white sand beaches, Anguilla in the British West Indies is the spot for you.
Some cities ignore their river settings, and some don't. London, happily, takes very good care of the River Thames and provides gorgeous views and peaceful promenades along much of its length.
This week we have news about some sneak sales on United to ski country and South Bend, an excellent American Airlines sale to Shanghai, and some bad news about Orbitz.com.
Three nights in Las Vegas or a reunion with your high school friends in Miami Beach might make for some late nights, so you just may need a vacation from your vacation. Not so when you spend a night or a week at spa: You come back to work relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go.
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From valotte: "I recently returned from a trip to Finland. I stayed for a week in Tampere (pronounced Tam-pur-AY) and the final day in Helsinki. I 'commuted' between Tampere and Helsinki for several days during the week for a conference being held in Helsinki."
From eviltwin: "I am planning a 10-day trip that flies into and out of Bangkok and will visit at least Siem Reap, Hanoi and Saigon ... How can I book low-cost Asian carrier flights from the U.S. for these intra-SE Asia flights?"
From jodia: "I just got a work visa for Australia and the big decision is whether to work in Sydney or Melbourne. I love the outdoors and would love to be close to parks to hike, rock climb, etc. I also would love to get a 'local' feel to Australia and avoid crowds of tourists."
From rickl750: "I'd like to take a trip this month to New York's Hudson River Valley, possibly around Rhinebeck or Kingston. I'm not familiar with this area and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions."
From ktl: "I was recently advised to get prepared for a 2-3 month work assignment in Dubai and was just wondering whether Dubai is safe for a single girl?"

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