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Dig in to these great fares and secret sales including routes in and out of D.C., Denver, Guadalajara, multiple Midwestern cities, San Antonio, Taipei, Tahiti and more.
Golf courses and greens keepers in South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, California and even Alabama, are gearing up for the increase in demand for tee times and golf course wear and tear.
At the south end of a gorgeous watery gem, Lake Otsego, Cooperstown lives off tourism and second-homers, with streets full of curious shops, clean restaurants and historic houses.
The concept of ecotourism is sometimes misunderstood and, in practice, is often exploited as a marketing tool to promote tourism that is related to nature. If you are interested in taking an eco-friendly vacation, it is important to do your research and understand the trip you will be undertaking.
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Washington, D.C.
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From Carisa P: "Several times I have tried using Travelocity's flexible search option. Depending on the carrier, usually Lufthansa, when I click on a departure date I get a message stating that the airline does not offer service between my select cities on that day. Can anyone shed some light on this?"
From lsaldanha: Thanks to this message board, and armed with the Frommer's Budapest and Best of Hungary guide and some (if somewhat biased) literature from the Hungarian Tourist Board, we just returned from a fascinating and relaxed two week trip to Budapest and a road trip around Hungary."
From Flounders: "On a recent visit to Venice at Frommer's suggestion we ate at Harry's Bar near St. Marks Square. We were aware of the exorbitant prices, however that does not describe the outrageous prices and rude wait staff. You will pay 19 euros for a cup of broth or 26 euros for a small spinach salad; all entrees are at least 46 euros."
From sunshineFL: "Unfortunately mine is not a successful story with Travel Guard Insurance. It takes you to make the statistics change. I would certainly not recommend it or use it in anyway. Be very careful when you purchase any policy."
From gotanno: "Does anyone have an idea how long Cancun will be off-limits? A few days before Hurricane Wilma hit, I made reservations for a trip leaving for Cancun on November 17th through AAVacations. I've called AAVacations a couple times and they have refused to change our travel arrangements. Any suggestions on the best way to deal with AAVacations would be appreciated."

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