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Halloween has two faces: the childish and the grown-up, the cheerful and the scary. So do Halloween festivals around the USA.
The City of Light glitters in winter, and US Airways has stepped up with some truly extraordinary fares for last-minute trips to Paris. Base fares start from a low $209 roundtrip out of five eastern cities, and a pretty stunning $309 out the west -- before taxes, of course.
There's cause for celebration right here in this river city, as a monolithic project nears completion featuring a resort, riverwalk, convention center, casino, an outdoor amphitheater, five aquariums and a museum -- all capturing the life in, on and around the mighty "Mississip."
If you like a traditional Christmas, you must take in one of Germany's traditional Christmas markets.
The easiest way to make calls overseas is to simply pick up the phone in your hotel room and give the operator the number you want to reach (assuming the operator speaks English). That route, however, is usually the most expensive because of exorbitant surcharges. There are several moneysaving alternatives -- be sure to utilize all your options on your next trip abroad.
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From Suzanne Zenkewich: "Has anyone been asked at a car rental place to have your insurance company fax the rental place a copy of your car insurance policy number before they will rent you a car? Payless in Miami would not rent the car wihout this info. And at 11 p.m, try to get your insurance company to do this!"
From Kathy Fisher: "I have just returned from a 17-day tour with Pacific Delight Tours. If anyone has any questions, I'd be glad to answer them. I will say, that if you have trouble getting around, this is not the tour for you. A lot of walking and a LOT of steps! But, all of us on the tour were 50 or over (or not telling) and we got around fine."
From Meztec: "What are your top two or three activites for a trip to Maui? Please include specific details. Thanks!"
From Susan Hanzel: "Last upring I used Eastern Tours when traveling to Russia. Because I wanted to stay longer than the group tour, they helped me get a domestic Aeroflot ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg. They said the ticket would cost $160 and that there would also be an extra "deviation fee" of $120 -- a total of $280. When I received the ticket (in Russia), the cost shown for it was only about $65 (2,032 rubles)."
From Chuck Flecker: "My wife and I have been 3 and 4 star hotel people for years, although we do not really use much in hotel services. We've recently come to the conclusion that if we are to continue to travel as much as we do (6 weeks vacation a year), we really need to drastically cut our hotel costs and get used to the lower priced hotels. My wife is concerned that this will mean taking cold showers and chasing and killing cockroaches all night. I think it's simply a matter of the rooms being more cheaply furnished with fewer services than a higher rated hotel."

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